Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I am taking an Anthropology class in school right now and the most interesting aspect of my class for me is learning about cultural anthropology. I have been thinking about my own culture and how I was raised. What were my traditions what traditions will I give to my children. Will they have the same cultural experiences as I did. It is really important to me that they know their heritage.

A big part of my childhood was dance, no party was complete without music and dancing usually until the wee hours of the night at most family events. I remember just watching my mom dance and how she would move so smooth and in step with the music. Still till this day I listen to Spanish music whether salsa, merengue or bachata and its so nostalgic for me. I feel a part of me awaken and I just want to get up and dance.

I was never trained or went to classes, I learned to move in the living room of my families house. I would spend hours in my room and just dance everything, country, hip-hop, salsa. I just loved to move.

I saw this video on this blog and it made me think that I should have more dance in my life.

Enjoy this video.


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