Wednesday, February 13, 2013

School Days

 Hubby and I are both in school and so this is how we get through most of our assignments. This was a special moment because Ladybird was taking a nap and Zeke Bear was playing with his daddy until he fell asleep in which hubby had to take advantage of some much needed reading time. We usually trade off so I will be with the kiddos while the hubby studies or vise versa. It is certainly not easy but most defiantly doable. We both have been in school as long we have known each other so we look forward to finishing off this year and hopefully never entering school again. But... until then this is how we are getting through this year of school. Anytime we have free time we take it to study.

Zeke Bear is 11 weeks 

Although you can't see Lady this is where she took her nap.
 Cheers to sleeping babies who allow us to study.

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