Monday, February 18, 2013

Are you a blogger?

 So Friday I went out with my family for Friday fun day and I brought my camera along to document our day and multiple people asked me if I was a blogger. I thought to myself "whoa, am I a blogger?" I don't know why but I reluctantly answered yes. I don't know why because I have a blog and I write on this blog, so, I guess this makes me a blogger...right?! I wonder though what gave me away as a blogger, was it the camera?

I did some cool trick on my camera and made the picture so much more vibrant.

Shirt: Old Navy // Pants: Old Navy // Shoes: a random shoe store in Orlando, FL // Jewelry: F21

Cheers to bloggers everywhere.

P.S. Do you think it's to early to pass out my L2E  business blogger card?

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  1. Haha I'm always wondering when people who live in the same apartment complex as me are going to ask if I'm a blogger. I see them staring at my husband as I as he takes pictures of me... I can only imagine what they think we're doing, haha.

    Love this top though! I've been wanting a navy or black polka dotted top for forever. I just picked one up, but I think I like yours more! So pretty!

  2. You are adorable! Funny that you were spotted as being a blogger! I wonder what gave you away too..... must have been the trendy momma of two with a camera. :) Your little ones are so cute!

  3. You are so cute!! Love your bangs!! Such a cute outfit you have put together!!

  4. Love this outfit! I'm relatively new to blogging and I would have the same answer! New Follower:)

    Elise @ Mr. and Mrs. Hunter

  5. Love that super cute top, especially paired with the skinnies!

  6. That is too funny! Whenever my hubby and I are shooting outfit pics, we always get stares, especially when we're doing them in very public places. But noone has ever asked what we're doing — which makes me wonder what they THINK we're The photos do look vibrant, and the last one is my fave. That polka dot top is fabulous!

    Found you via What I Wore Wednesday at the Pleated Poppy

  7. Cute outfit! How fun it must have been to be acknowledged as a blogger...a lot of time, love and dedication go in to it.


  8. Lovng your outfit! Love the polka dot top, and your bangs!
    Visiting from the pleated poppy!
    Just followed your blog, would love it if you checked out mine!


  9. That sounds like a compliment to me! If I were to see someone with really good style and a camera I'd probably guess they were a blogger too! :) love the look!


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