Friday, January 25, 2013

About Me

Learning 2 Exhale is a place for all of us to slow down from the everyday hustle and bustle and learn to just live in the moment. I have a tendency to always be two steps ahead of myself, always looking to the future or waiting for the next big thing. In that, I sort of lose sight of the right now. This blog is all about learning to enjoy the journey and not so much about reaching the “destination.” It’s so great to look back and reflect on how this blog has evolved and sort of taken shape over the last several years, kind of like myself. I started this blog three years ago to chronicle the everyday happenings of my young family and our “big move” to Washington DC. Since then, so much has changed… but then again, so much has stayed the same. My life with my family has grown richer and richer, full of precious memories, two new additions (Lady Bird, and Zeke Bear), our first home together, bold confidence for my passions in life, and endless possibilities for the future. Although it is great to have dreams and look forward to the future, in that, we’ve learned that you can’t lose sight of the here and now—because in the end, those are the moments that truly matter.

This blog is all about learning to live in the moment. So I invite you to come share this journey with me. We all have times in our life when… well, life happens. We get busy with the mundane tasks of everyday, albeit wiping baby bottoms, endlessly plugging away at college homework, going grocery shopping, cooking… then cleaning… then cooking again! It never ends. But then, in the midst of all that… there are those special moments. You know… those times when something amazing happens! You go to the park and watch your kids’ faces filled with joy as they run around with your hubby. You try something new for dinner and it turns out just right. You buy a new outfit, or a new pair of shoes and you do that dance in the dressing room that makes you feel giddy inside. You go to church and the pastor’s message moves you deep down in your heart. Those are the moments this blog is all about! I hope you enjoy reading about all those special moments in my life and I hope you share yours too.

Cheers to living in the moment!
- Crystal


  1. blogging helps me to keep track of things too :)
    its a great way to journal!

    The DayLee Journal"


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