Wednesday, December 19, 2012

One Month

This Little Man who I am utterly in love with is 1 month already! I know its so cliche to say but where has the time gone? Well, I know where the time has gone but it sincerely feels like yesterday that we were bringing him home. 

He already has his own sweet mild mannered temperament much like his daddy and big sister. He looks so much like Ava Jolie when she was a month old but has his own unique look as well. 

Ezekiel Lee 1 Month Stats (And where I get to brag about my little man)

  • 11lbs 4 oz
  • He is averaging a pound a week since we brought him home from the hospital
  • Picking up his head like he was two or three months
  • Sleeps 4-5 hours in the night
  • Is breastfeeding like a champ
  • Has a stubborn belly button and the docs have had to cauterize twice with silver nitrate because his skin cells keep growing and oozing. 
  • I think his love language is physical touch (Which I love because that's my love language)
  • I think he looks a lot like his daddy
I thank God that we have a healthy boy.

Cheers and many thanks to my daddy in heaven who blesses us with beautiful children.  

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