Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fun Friday

So since the hubsters is off from work and in school full-time we have decided to make Fridays, field-trip Fridays. When the time allows for it meaning he is not swamped in thesis writing we will take Fridays to explore our city and become tourist. Living in the D.C. Metro area provides us many opportunities to explore new areas between D.C., Virginia and Maryland.

This past Friday we took our first field trip to the National Cathedral. I learned so many cool things, like for a long time I thought it was a Catholic Cathedral but boy was I wrong its an Episcopalian Church and is the 6Th largest Cathedral in the world. Its built Gothic style and is absolutely beautiful. It broke ground sometime around 1907 and was finished being built in 1990. The church also serves as a house of prayer to all religions but only holds Episcopal services.

 I wished I remembered all the details of each stained glass window but I don't I just remember how beautiful they each where.

 I do remember this window because this window is supposed to be space and the center of the big red circle is a moon rock brought back from Apollo 11.

 There are 300 people buried in the church, 2 Presidents one of them being Woodrow Wilson and the picture below is his casket. Also Helen Keller and her teacher are buried here.

This is the last pulpit that Martin Luther King Jr. spoke from.

The Cathedral has many smaller chapels within the church and they even have a child-sized chapel everything including the organ is child-sized.

Lady did amazing and the tour guide kept complimenting her good behavior throughout the tour. But she had a moment and I allowed her to have her moment and explore as long as she was quiet and being respectful of the church.

As soon as we told her no feet on the needle point cushions where people kneel to pray she quickly removed her favorite boots but continued to rest.

I am 29 weeks Pregnant here.

It was beautiful outside.

 After we left the Cathedral we were so close to Georgetown we decide to pop into this yummy cupcakery (did I make up this word?) and enjoy ourselves a cupcake. There was no line and we found a seat immediately. The cupcakes were delicious. 

Lady patiently waiting for our cupcakes.

They were so yummy!!

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