Sunday, September 2, 2012

28 Weeks Pregnant

I may be capping off my use of non-matrenity clothes here really soon. My options are dwindling but until then I am in non-maternity most of the time. This dress I have had for awhile but have actually never worn it (I think). These were two camera shots right before leaving the house for church.

We ended up having a mini photo shoot with Lady and she totally cooperated in being prompted for poses. It was totally adorable but most of the pictures came out blurry or I would share her cuteness instead. I do however have the picture below where she posed next to me.

I have to be honest I feel kind of awkward after so many photos and I just wanted to fly away from my husband and the camera.

 Hahaha I had nothing left so I curtsy instead. 

Au Revoir.

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