Wednesday, August 22, 2012


One of the many advantages of having a girl is playing dress up which at this stage Lady thoroughly enjoys doing. This little outfit was given to me in India by a salesman in a Sari (traditional dress for women) shop. My missions trip to India was before marriage and baby carriage and so I had no idea what to do with this little outfit and so I packed it away. Just the other day I was going through something and found this two piece dress. I showed it to Lady and she quickly got undressed and asked if she could wear it. I was so excited that my baby actually fit into this dress I have carried around with me waiting for the day it would fit my Indian Princess. Here are some cute modeling poses. She did not like the fact that her midriff was showing and kept tugging at her shirt. There is supposed to be a draw string in the skirt but I don't have one. 

These two pictures remind my of a before and after shot. If we had a reality show it would be titled "How to dress modestly as a two year old."

The detail on this dress is beautiful and was all hand-sown. This piece is no longer special to me because I received it in India but rather because my first-born loved it and danced in it. 

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