Monday, August 20, 2012

Central Union Mission

Our bible study group met Sunday after church in DC to hand out bags to the guest at Central Union Mission. Please visit their website to learn more about the heart of this faith based homeless shelter. The mission has been serving this area since 1884 and was originally started to serve wayward men in the DC area. It has served servicemen and women, children and now is full-time homeless shelter with multiple locations in the area.

We went into the chapel and handed out the bags or I should say the children were the ones who handed out the bags. Everyone was nice and so thankful. Some of the men wanted to bless us with something it was so touching. We received just as much going there and serving as they did receiving the bags and prayer.

This itty bitty was the leader of the pack and was such a shining light. 

What an amazing experience to be able to serve right here in our community. Please prayerfully consider supporting the Mission.

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