Thursday, July 12, 2012


I love to see A playing by herself because her imagination is incredible.

Her Sword becomes an umbrella 
Her yo-yo becomes a dog on a leash
Her towel after a shower becomes her tent 
The bathtub is her private beach
She loves to lick her Daddy's face because she pretends she is a doggy

There are so many more but I will spare everyone :D

Its so fun to watch her grow and develop into this little girl who is sweet and caring and soft but can be sassy and is not particularly fond of strangers and not only hides behind me but also says "no" she does not want to say "hi". 

She really is excited to become a  big sister and talks of Baby E all the time. She cant wait to feed Baby E with a bottle and hold him. For now we have been practicing with Baby Minnie.

It's almost weird to think it just wont be A anymore but rather two kids A&E. It obviously will not hit me until Baby E gets here. 

We cant wait. But until then we are enjoying our family of three. 

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