Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Grandmas Rock!

My Grandmother Rocks!

I don't know if she will ever see this blog post, although I was on the computer with her over the phone for an hour looking at patterns for dresses. She is google savvy.

Over the past year my grandma has made my daughter her great-granddaughter dresses, doll-dresses, quilts, doll quilts, pillows, bows, hats, bonnets etc. She has such a talent I wish to learn. Today my grandmother was showing me some new patterns that she wants to make for Mothers day. Its matching nightgowns for little lady and I. But before she made anything else for us, first she said we had to send her pictures of the dresses she has already made.

So I waisted no time, as soon as lady got up from her nap we played dress-up.

 My G-Ma made the flower on her head in the picture below. Thats when I became officially jealous : D and thats when I decided I needed to learn how to sew.
 What a perfect pose and beautiful smile!

 Little lady is learning to walk!
All of these dresses she made this summer plus the hats and bows. This hat reminds me of the TV show blossom.

 She just loves giving kisses to her babies. Her doll has a matching dress.
 This dress was made for my niece and nephews beach ball themed birthday in July.
 Little Lady and her big blue bow.

 She wore this patriotic vintage print for the fourth of July. I cant believe she still fits in all of these dresses.

So, I am hoping for a sewing machine this year. Maybe the next post of dresses will be the ones I made for Lady. We are so blessed to have a grandmother who has such an amazing heart and talent. These dresses we will have for a long time and maybe will be passed down to my granddaughters.

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  1. Oh is she a cutie!! I would love to learn to sew adorable dresses like that!



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