Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 in Review

2010 in Review:

At the beginning of 2010 I decided not to make any new year resolutions but instead make a theme word for the year. Something that I could look to keep me on track for what I wanted to accomplish in 2010. My theme word last year was to "focus" I wanted to focus on the people and things that mattered most.

 #1 God
#2 Being a great wife and mom
#3Family and friends
#4 Learning more and getting more involved with raising awareness on Human Trafficking.
#5 Get fit and complete a couple of 5k walks
#6 School

I have to say without a shadow of a doubt I really "focused". I have always desired to be a woman of action, I have proven to talk a good game but I actually wanted to walk the walk. (haha sounds kind of corny) But so true, I think what I really wanted to prove to myself was that I could get involved and actually do it. God broke my heart a long time ago for the oppressed and broken hearted. Until this year I hadn't gotten as involved as I would of liked to. That all changed, I really gave it to God and knew not by my own works but His that the doors would open up so I could get connected. This year I have learned so much about Modern Day Slavery and its been such a blessing I know my greater purpose in life. I want to see slavery abolished in my life time.

All the things on the list above I think I really focused on but didn't really see to completion like getting fit. I joined a walking mommy group and was doing great, until I was expected to walk in the humidity that Virginia has to offer with my 6month old. She nor I were very pleased but we did complete two 5k walks this year as a family.

March of Dimes Walk raised $500 

DC Stop Modern Slavery Walk Raised $200

School was another big thing that I needed to do well in. I think I take having the opportunity to get a higher education in America for granted. When I think of the millions of people out there from woman, children and men who wish that they could attend school and some will never get that opportunity I look at school with a fresh perspective. I want to do my best and graduate with honors in 2013. I will need a lot of prayer on this goal.

God also opened the door to some really fabulous projects like starting this blog. God also blessed and enriched my life with some great lady friends who are wonderful wives and amazing mommies.

I saved the best for last, my beautiful family. Matthew and Ava Jolie are absolutely amazing and I am the lucky one. God is good and faithful and being able to stay at home with lady this last year has been such a journey of just learning how to be the wife and mommy that God intended me to be. I still have a very loonnggg journey to go and I think am a semi-decent homemaker.

All of the Glory goes to God!

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